About Us

The DNG commitment

Our Mission

At DNG Technologies, we're not just forming solutions, we're shaping the future of the testing domain. Our mission is to pioneer "Make In India" by crafting innovative instruments domestically, filling a gap in the Indian market.

Our Vision

We envision ourselves surpassing global benchmarks in Testing equipment manufacturing. Our goal is not just to compete, but to lead and set new standards in the industry.

Our Values

Our customers are our partners. We commit to a lifelong partnership, providing continual upgrades and support. We don't just value your business, we value your growth and success.

Why DNG?

We are a distinguished trailblazer in the manufacturing of fire testing instruments. Our team of seasoned professionals, steeped in decades of expertise within an NABL-accredited testing laboratory, drives our legacy of excellence.

At the core of our offering is an extensive product spectrum meticulously crafted to align with rigorous International Testing Standards such as EN, BS, ASTM, ISO, and FAA. With unwavering precision, we cater to diverse sectors including aerospace, railway, construction, polymers, and textiles.

Experience a holistic partnership with us, encompassing a spectrum of solutions that transcend expectations. From bolstering existing equipment with spare parts, upgrades, modifications, and software updates, to facilitating flawless data acquisition, computer control, and embracing the latest software interfaces.

Our commitment extends beyond products to the very blueprint of innovation. We stand by you, not only by aiding in the conception and development of laboratories and lab systems but also by designing custom LIMS Software and delivering Workable Solutions dedicated to your unique budgetary considerations.

Embrace our distinct mastery in crafting specialized equipment, honed to your exact specifications. Anchored in pioneering R&D, powered by a skilled staff team, and fortified by our state-of-the-art 3D Modeling Capabilities, we bring your visions to life. At DNG Techno, we redefine possibility.


Our Leadership

Sushant Gupta Director of Marketing & Finance at DNG Techno

Director - Marketing & Finance

Having started his career in early 1995, Mr. Sushant Gupta’s success is based almost exclusively on his commitment, dedication & unshakeable determination to work tirelessly towards his goals. He has a profound respect for the hard work it takes to be successful in his industry and that is perhaps a secret to his own success and the multitude of accolades he has won. He says, "We envision not just structures, but reality. Every man dreams of creating roots and we provide the foundation to build those roots. We are unwavering in our belief that to transform lives, a complete solution is the only way forward. At the center is our firm belief that our assistance and transparency will help our clients qualitatively with the product we are delivering.”

Prashant Gupta Director of Operations at DNG Techno

Director - Operations

Since his early years, Mr. Prashant Gupta loved to build things. From his childhood passion for building blocks to gradually structuring the framework of numerous successful deals; his journey has been remarkable. He began his career in the early 90s, soon after graduating from the Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. His early years in the Steel Industry, where he co-headed the plant (14 years), to his later years in Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd, where he headed operations and material testing have profoundly shaped his values. Core strength and unwavering dedication to quality have emerged as the cornerstones of his work philosophy.

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